Guest Bloggers Welcome!


To the friends and lovers of the teachings of Carol Ruth Knox:

I am now in the process of accepting bloggers who wish to comment and expound upon the works of Carol Ruth Knox.

Please reply to this post if you wish to participate. Click on the Reply link to access the reply form.

Thank you,

Coy F. Cross II


1 thought on “Guest Bloggers Welcome!

  1. Susan Fiske Hindersmann

    I knew Carol Ruth Knox when I was a high school student and she was my substitute English teacher. I was having a hard time as a sophomore. Couldn’t pass Algebra, hated Latin, generally overwhelmed by school and life and trying to fit in. I felt stupid and lost. I changed to the Commercial program from the College Prep program. I thought that was all I was meant for. Miss Knox kept me after class. Talked to me, encouraged, and helped me. She made me realize my mistake and got me back into the college prep. track. Thanks to Miss Knox I went to college, got a Master’s Degree did post graduate work and have taught English and German in schools on three continents. God bless Miss Knox. She was my angel and friend when I needed one and knowing her changed my life for so much good. In Thanksgiving, Sue Fiske


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